Fees depend of the type of venue, the type of interpreting (simultaneous, consecutive or liaison interpreting), the degree of specialization (which will influence the time I spend preparing for an assignment) and the overall interpreting hours.

For simultaneous, consecutive and liaison interpreting, I charge a daily fee, which covers the actual interpreting hours at the event as well as research and preparation of glossaries containing specialist vocabulary beforehand.
Travel and accommodation costs may be charged additionally.

If you require my interpreting services in front of a court or a notary, I charge hourly rates as per the official rate of the German Judicial Remuneration and Compensation Act (JVEG) (Justizvergütungs- und Entschädigungsgesetz, JVEG).

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Depending on the type of text (marketing material, slogan, claims) and the complexity of the material, I charge an hourly or project-based fee.

In order to work as efficiently as possible and to make sure your message really comes across, it is advisable to provide a project briefing similar to the one you gave the copywriter of the original material.

It should include details about the intended message, information about the brand and the target audience of your marketing material.

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The calculation basis for translations is a standard line based on the source text. A standard line comprises 55 characters including blanks.

Do you need your text translated as quickly as possible? That’s no problem.
Please keep in mind that I charge an additional fee for express translations.

For certified translations from English and Spanish into German, I charge per standard line based on the source text (e.g. the original text).

The standard line price is based on the German Judicial Remuneration and Compensation Act (JVEG) and depends on factors such as the degree of content-related difficulty, if the document is editable or not, and the deadline.

The minimum rate for a certified translation is € 35 .

Additional fees include a standard fee for the authentication stamp and postage (standard shipping or registered letter).

Please note that I only offer certified translations from English and Spanish into my mother tongue German.

For more information on translation and intepreting rates, please visit “How expensive is a translation?”