As a qualified interpreter with an M.A. in Conference Interpreting (English < > German, Spanish > German), I am here to help you overcome language barriers – be it at an important multilingual conference or during crucial business meetings with your international partners!

I do not only translate words – interpreting goes beyond that!

I make sure that

  • the essence of what is being said comes across
  • I transmit all the nuances of the speech
  • I keep in mind cultural differences (mimics, gestures, tone of voice etc.)

Which mode of interpreting is suitable for your project?


What is Transcreation?

If you’re someone who has heard the term “transcreation” before, but can’t really place it – fear not, you are not the only one!

Essentially, transcreation is a combination of two services you are already familiar with: translation (the faithful rendering of a source text into a target text) and copywriting (thoughtful creation of content based on the strategic aspects of your brand).

Transcreation = Translation + Copywriting

In other words: transcreators are experts in producing texts which are faithful to the original and in the end engage, inspire and motivate the readers of your marketing material to turn into loyal customers of your company.

With a B.A. in Translation for English and Spanish and continuous professional development in Online Marketing and Copywriting, I specialize in turning your English and Spanish marketing material into engaging copy that will help your brand shine in a German-speaking market.

Transcreation vs. Translation - it depends!

Not sure if you need a translation or a transcreation?

In easy terms, a transcreation is all about promoting your company’s brand and selling it to your audience.

Here are some examples of texts which need a transcreative approach:
  • press releases about your company’s new products or services
  • company brochures/promotional material
  • your company’s website
  • your company’s visibility on Social Media
  • product presentations
  • internal communication/newsletters
  • slogans, tag lines
And some types of texts where you need a translation:
  • tenders
  • patents
  • legal documents (contracts,…)
  • lists of products/parts
  • (annual) financial statements

Whenever in doubt, you should ask yourself: does this text influence the image of my brand?

If the answer is “yes”, a transcreation is the best fit for your company!
The next step is to get in touch with me in order to assess your transcreation needs in person.


I provide translations from English, Spanish and Portuguese into German of the following types of texts:

  • Country sheets
  • Fundraising reports
  • Project reports

Supporting social causes through the help of language is also dear to my heart.
Since 2014, I have been translating various documents about the humanitarian projects of Handicap International e.V., a non-for-profit organization which responds to the essential needs of disabled people in conflict zones in around 60 countries worldwide.

Certified translation

As a sworn translator for English and Spanish who has taken an oath at the Higher Regional Court of Dresden, I am qualified to carry out certified translations of official documents, for example

  • High School/University diplomas
  • Transcript of records
  • Passports, driver’s licence
  • Birth certificates, marriage certificates
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